This is for that one person somewhere out there who is like me. You are bored with theology, bad at philosophy, and while you love to read, you know you will never write the Great American Novel.

If you have stumbled on this, you may have also been wrestling with the Prince of Serendip most of your life.  Over the last few months I have finally given up on my staring contest with Him, and signed my surrender document on his heavenly Missouri a few weeks ago.

One thing I do know is that my faith is best engaged through my imagination.  I started telling myself stories about the Prince as part of coming to terms with him, his terms, and I found I grew to love him.  I like writing these little imaginings, or faith exercises you might call them, and I feel I should share them. So I will post what I have written so far, and will keep sharing them till the well runs dry.

This certainly is not an exercise in theology, philosophy or literature. I have no talent for that. And if anything conflicts with what you believe, please ignore it. If it offends, then spare a moment to pray for me, a sinner.  Hoping you find something you like, but maybe didn’t know you were looking for.

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