Missing Person



This reporter has noticed a large uptick in missing person reports. By a strange coincidence, everyone is looking for someone with the same name, Grace.

Take Bob for instance. Bob last saw her two Sunday mornings ago, when he slept off a hangover instead of going to Mass. “Something just seems off. My life is a bit empty without her. But what bothers me the most is that she just left me without even saying goodbye!”

For some, a change in scenery caused the break. Sarah’s life has been a bit chaotic since she left her husband and children, and then moved in with a former flame. “My life’s been a bit of a whirl lately, and I’ve lost contact with a lot of friends, like Grace. I’m now trying to catch up with her, but am having a hard time tracking her down. She never owned a cellphone, and always preferred in person contact.”

Grace was described very similarly by all who spoke to this reporter: She is bright, spirited, and steadfast. She has particularly good judgment, and was a great counselor in helping her friends make the right decisions, no matter how difficult.  Despite the loss, those this reporter spoke with never wondered if they had some role in ending the relationship.

Frustrated by a lack of progress, some are considering a rather old-fashioned approach. Joseph has been looking for Grace for years, and as a last resort is considering talking to his old parish priest, Father Bill. Joseph stopped seeing Grace around the same time he lost touch with the good Father.  “Father Bill has these open appointments on the weekend, I forget what they are called, but I may just pop in for a visit. No reservations are required. He might have some good advice. Wish me luck!”






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