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I want to thank everyone who has followed, liked, or even just visited this blog over the last month or so. I should have done that sooner, so my apologies.  I have visited everyone’s site at least a couple of times, and it is great to see how many talented people are out there communicating in a variety of ways.  When I started writing again last month, I think my intent was to post on a regular basis whether or not there was any response. But I can’t say positive feedback doesn’t help.

The reason for reactivating this blog and the regular posting frequency relates to a deep, dark secret of mine.  I have created some “dark secret space” below in case you don’t wish to know it. But scroll down if you dare. You may not find it relevant if you not Catholic.

















Still here? Ok,  I am in part doing this for myself. We are currently in a time period known as an “Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy,” which will end on November 20, 2016.  During this period Catholics are encouraged to perform works of mercy and to seek forgiveness for their sins.   This Jubilee is extraordinary because they are normally only held about every 25 years or so, and the next one probably won’t be till 2025.

During this period you may obtain indulgences for yourself or others if you meet certain obligations, including passing through a Holy Door at certain churches within each archdiocese (check your local archdiocese website). An indulgence is a partial or complete remission of the temporal punishment a soul will experience as part of the final purification it undergoes after death. Absolution is also more readily available for certain kinds of sins during this time period. The practice of indulgences and the doctrine of Purgatory have a controversial history, and its not my intent to argue anyone, particularly those of other faiths, out of their strongly held views on these topics.

However, if you are Catholic, I would encourage you to participate. You lose nothing by visiting a church with a Holy Door and making a good confession. If you read and find anything of value in my posts, but do nothing else, then I would have to consider this work of mercy an unfruitful exercise, even while recognizing that performing actions in vain is a part of the path we must walk in sharing in the Cross.

If you are not Catholic, you are still very welcome to enjoy my posts (I strive to be ecumenical!), and I hope you will continue to visit and find something useful in my musings. Maybe you can even spare a moment to say a prayer or two for any Catholic friends or relatives that they will participate in the Jubilee.

I started going to confession on a regular basis last year after many years, and I can say that being in a state of grace (I hope) is a major upgrade over the prior state of my life. And I never put two words together outside of school or work before, so if you find anything to like in what I write, that is a minor miracle in and of itself.

I will strive to post on a regular basis throughout the Jubilee whether or not I get another follow, like or visit again. So no obligation to provide feedback. Adios!




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