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Beta Testing


Deja Vu? The program has been altered.

Elon Musk  said several weeks ago that we are all probably living in a computer simulation. That what we experience is not “base reality.”

So, how did this happen? Whose program is it?

Perhaps humanity rejected the original program, and instead decided to write its own. However, we can’t seem to work out the bugs, and thus never truly “go live.”

This world is a perpetual beta test that we insisted on trying on for size.  And we have forgotten that we are the coders of our own misery. Every new dance craze  (Democracy, Free Markets, Communism, Environmentalism, Feminism,  Libertarianism, Transhumanism, etc.) promises a utopia, but one that is always receding into the horizon.

We might call this simulation Shadowlands 1.0.

The solution does not lie within our script writing or life hacking skills.  The beta test continues, for now.  While we each must endure our own beta release, you can step away from the latest dance craze and try something else. Chess perhaps?


Don’t be someone else’s cannon fodder

Now, you will lose your game of chess. But all the moves you make belong to you alone, not someone else. There is a personal encounter and response to every move.  And no one will gloat over your defeat at the end. Quite the contrary.



Your true opponent always has time and a smile for you



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