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The Foundling

Listen up. I’ve made a deal with my angel … Well, maybe.  It was a one sided conversation. And yet I hope.

This is my wooden horse:  I will be a child again when I die, a babe. They’re good at disguises from what the book says.  But you can’t go  in half-way on this kind of deal. I have to give it all up, my knowledge, intellect, experience, memories, worldly desires, everything. Any accrued benefits are also forfeit. I will float up just like a balloon after this.

But why go to this trouble?   I don’t want to wait, and I think the young sister was right. No lower deeps for me if I can avoid them.

My guardian will guide my little soul body up to the doorstep, and leave me there. I will be quiet, feigning asleep. Ah ha, I hear footsteps approach. Its two sets, one heavier, thunder and lightning at rest. The other as gentle as moonlight.

Shhh …. They are here. Someone bends down and picks me up. Ah, they are taking me inside. My little ruse has succeeded.

Well, that’s how its supposed to work. Becoming so small, inoffensive and helpless. They won’t turn me away, or make me wait a long time in the other place? Right? I hope.

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