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For the Blue Lady on her Feast Day


When you gaze long into Heaven,

Heaven gazes long into you.

For the one who contemplates

Is Contemplated by the One.

And when you go fishing,

It may be you that is caught

Do you remember it, my love?

That day you put the fish hook through my soul?

It did not hurt, that gentle but relentless tug.

Pulling me up into the boat.

The screen before me like a fisherman’s net,

Sifting me and leaving my sins behind.

I pass through and am even more now,

Though I have left much less than nothing behind.

It was the tears that drew you to me I know now.

Never are we more becoming than when we cry,

This life giving spring of water you gave us.

So if you find yourself wrestling with an angel…


For if you don’t,

You may find yourself in the belly of a whale,

(or is it a well)

Calling on the Blue Lady to help you.

But its you there in the hot sun, with your back against it.

Will no one give you a drink?

You remember the day she got your proposal,

As she went to the well.

But another woman is coming to fetch water now.

She has had many lovers, none of them you.

But you see your Mother in her,

And somehow she sees you in us.

And you both grasp the rope,

Pulling us up



to you and her, in Heaven.


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He’s Already Won


Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, with the serpent beneath her feet

One way the late, great Rene Girard described Jesus’ great victory was in terms of forcing the world to see the innocence of the scapegoats we so often make of others.  This message was not readily accepted, and even for Christians it has taken many years to be absorbed. Mr. Girard passed away last year, about a week before the Paris attacks, and perhaps it was a mercy he died then. Or perhaps he was a mini-Katechon of sorts, and for the sake of one very good Frenchman, some portion of evil was held back?

But despite all the attacks of the last year or so in Europe, there has not been a single instance of significant retaliation. While that may change, this would probably seem unthinkable to the Europeans of a few hundred years ago, where ethnic and religious pogroms were the norm. And there have been almost no retaliatory attacks in the U.S. despite 9/11 and the more recent incidents.

And these are in cultures where Christian faith is in decline. So even the atheists and agnostics of Europe and the U.S. have been converted to this norm. Do they even know why they believe scapegoating is wrong?

All that remains is for the Lord’s enemies to be humbled and made a footstool.  Mary is building this footstool from the bones of the serpent that she crushes. We must endure the thrashing of its dying body.

Bishop Fulton Sheen once wrote that Mary would play a particularly important role in converting the Islamic world. While we are tempted to wrath after what happened in a small corner of Normandy today, let us pray to her that she will open the hearts of the Muslim world to her Son.

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